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To be the best partner in future technology

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We focus on improving and developing our products to provide our target customer the advanced material solution

KMD Group has a heritage of more than 400 years. We have been dedicated to producing various copper alloys, specializing in the material for connector , electrical and electronic components and other high-end application

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Our solution

Intelligent driving system

Good electrical and thermal conductivity to support the proper operation of the electronics and sensors in the system and ensure good heat dissipation.

New energy vehicle

High electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity to reduce energy loss during power transmission and effectively heat dissipation to prevent overheating.

Communication data transmission

Excellent electrical conductivity to ensure high speed and stability of signal transmission.

Smart wear

Lightweight material and excellent thermal properties.

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Quality system

IATF16949 certified Our comprehensively equipped laboratory and development center are certified by IATF16949

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KMD alloys portfolio can meet various customer needs from low to high-end

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